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slide show from the Family Tree


Help the Family Tree stay at the Leather Archives and Museum. The curators would like to have this signature piece be part of the permanent collection. In order for this to happen I need to recoup at least part of the production costs.

The Artist and Patron relationship has been a critical component of the creative process for hundreds of years in the history of art.  Patrons have provided the necessary financial support that has allowed artists to focus on creativity and freedom of expression while minimizing the distraction of outside influences.  Patrons have also helped create the public and private spaces to promote the Artist’s work so that others may benefit from their creativity as well. 


Keep the "Family Tree" at the LA&M

My solo show, The Family Tree is now closed.


Many people have asked if my art is who I am or represents who I am. The answer is no, it is what I see not who I am.

To view additional images included in the show go HERE

The Family Tree

The Family Tree is a life sized installation piece created specifically for the exhibition.

Using parts of images taken over the course of a year I will create a collage that becomes a crucified body. Each image will be of a person that is part of the leather community.

  As a marginalized community, I believe we are ignored or reviled. My portraiture has always been about bringing dignity to those who often can't find acceptance in the world we live in.

My studio, DivaFoto uses the tag line; "Glamour for the rest of us". This piece will bring us together as a whole. What better place to premier it than the Leather Archives and Museum.


Mutagenesis /mu·ta·gen·e·sis : The formation/development of a mutation... and my latest series of work



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