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Product Photography

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Custom Product Photograpy large and small. Each item is photographed to show it's best attributes. Lighting is tailored to the specific product. Light and Dark backgrounds, cut-outs and client specific needs are all possible.

Single product shot (photographed in my studio) item pricing - $40 per image

1st time customers.  Here is a special package deal just for you.  4 shots for $130 just to show you the quality of my work.  I know you’ll be pleased with how good your products will look and what a difference it will make on your website or in your advertising.

Large Projects
50+ shots of similar items can be quoted at a reduced price.  Email me with your project request and let me provide a quote.  See for yourself that Active Intellect Design will help improve your web & catalog sales today!

Shoots that involve a live model, i.e. products such as rings shot on a model. Corporate & Industrial site shoots. (Plus travel expenses) $150 1st hour $75 each additional hoursample image

Composition Images
Individual item shots merged into a single tiff image producing a composite group image.  This service created for items requiring different lighting conditions to produce the highest quality image of each item within a group image.  For example, a group consisting of gold, silver, light, and dark colors where the lighting of the entire group at one time compromises the individual brilliance of some items within the group.
$65 per hoursample imagesample image

sample imagesample imagesample image

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